Written in Red

Written in Red

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FPL_Amy Nov 19, 2019

Weirdly very little happens and yet it's still engaging. Great world building that paints a slightly terrifying existence for humans living among the supernatural. I recommend the entire series.

Jul 01, 2019

Wow. Finished this book in a couple of days and went immediately back to the library to reserve the sequels! Anne Bishop does a fantastic job in bringing readers into the world of Namid. Can you ever imagine creatures co-existing with humans? Well, in this world, they barely manage being good neighbors sharing land that "solely" belong to the "terra indigene". This book weaves in multiple perspectives of memorable characters in a plot that has you turning pages to find out more. Meg and Simon, two of the main protagonists of the series, will have you falling in love with them with their unique and unusual traits...

IndyPL_DorieneS Mar 06, 2019

You know those stories where the Alpha werewolf or the gorgeous vampire falls in love with the woman even though she is human, and then must take on all the other supernatural creatures to protect her? Well, this is not that story, and these supernatural beings, the Terra Indigene, are not that nice. There are wolves and vampires, but there are also other shifters, Elementals, and others who may be even more powerful than the wolves and vampires. The Others are all more powerful than the humans they share the Earth with, and although they do tolerate people for the things humans invent and manufacture, they mostly regard them as food. They don’t believe in second chances, either, so when a human does something they don’t like, there is often a sign in the meat shop the following day advertising “special meat.” But the Terra Indigene and the humans have worked out an uneasy truce, until someone who is human plus something more comes to one of their Courtyards to hide. Meg Corbyn is a cassandra sangue, a blood profit, and she has escaped from her “benevolent owner,” who keeps her and other girls captive to make money from the prophecies they make. Because of her special abilities, she is considered “not prey” by the Others, who take her in and make her the Human Liaison for their community. Although Meg has virtually no experience with the world outside of her prison, she manages to meet the Others on equal terms and begins to make a life among them. She learns to offer friendship on their terms, offering sugar lumps to ponies who are not ponies, and purchasing Wolf beds (“wolf” is spelled D-O-G in this case) to the wolves who guard her. This relationship may lead to significant changes in the way the humans and the Others relate in the future. But Meg still needs to learn how to fight the urge to cut herself. Cutting gives her visions, and also an addictive euphoria, although too many cuts will eventually kill her. But the visions save lives, too, so she must balance her need to help and her need to live. There is darkness in this book, but also humor, and the Others, while definitely "other" still manage to be sympathetic.

SPPL_Violet Mar 17, 2018

Bishop does a fantastic job of interweaving fantastical elements with strong characters, consistent (if at times a bit unbelievable) character development, witty dialogue, and superb imagery. If I can read the word "Sparkletown" or "Moonsday" and not roll my eyes, that means the book is good (in my humble opinion.)

Jul 09, 2017

This book is populated with various werewolves, vampires, and Elementals who can control the weather. They view all humans as prey, except for the secretive Meg who works as their human liaison. The humans are rightfully terrified of the beings who live in The Courtyard, but the lives of everyone in The Courtyard is fairly mundane. Mail delivery is surprisingly a large part of the novel. Meg's growing friendship with the wolf Sam is the best part of the book. There are some ridiculous parts, like a town named Sparkletown, or a woman willing to risk her life deceiving the wolves because she wants her own tv show. Overall, it's a great variation on the urban fantasy genre.

Aug 03, 2016

Written in Red was not what I expected. In more ways than one.

With all due respect, I am genuinely baffled at the high ratings of this book. I don't understand it. I did like the setting though. It's not every series where the supes are dominant in such a way

Sarah1984 May 06, 2016

9/12 - I've been trying to get started on this book all day and haven't managed to make it past the maps and details about the days of the week. I've had two doctors appointments today and both times the doctor called me early!! Can you believe that?! I was looking forward to reading this and for once in their lifetime (that's doctors as a whole, not this particular doctor) they called me in five minutes early. Twice! I'm going to bed to give this book some uninterrupted reading time. The average rating on GR is so high, plus the fact that I've been starting and stalling this all day, my anticipation is high and I'm expecting really good things from this. Don't disappoint me book. To be continued...


10/12 - This was FANTASTICFANTASTICFANTASTICFANTASTICFANTASTICFANTASTIC, SO BLOODY FANFREAKINGTASTIC . I can't BELIEVE how good this book was. I loved everything about it (well, except for one teensy tiny thing, I didn't like the cutting, but it wasn't glorified so that made it acceptable as part of the story). I loved Meg, and Simon, and Winter, and Sam, and Merri Lee, and Monty (after a worrisome start where I thought he was going to be an evil 'drag her back to her owners by her hair' type of cop), and Vlad, and pretty much everyone, except Asia (but who could love Asia?). I loved the world they lived in, especially the Courtyard. Even with the non-humans living next door the place felt really homey and quaint, and somewhere I could happily fit in. I loved the way Meg won everyone over with her personality and unthinking, uncalculating kindness, before they learned what she really was. I loved that there was no romance between Meg and Simon, because this book would have been way too early in their relationship for that, it would have been rushed. Sam was so cute and I could see a normal human having trouble distinguishing between him and a cute puppy, having trouble treating him like a child despite how he appeared. I loved that Meg wasn't horrified by the occasional naked man/wolf or man/about to be crow that happened to pass by her. I loved the way, due to her unusual education, that Meg knew what a thing was due to flash cards, but not what it did or how to make it do it.

I think this might be the second 'best' book I've read this year. Not second as in behind first, second as in another of equal standing. I recently declared Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead to be my best book of the year, this is now equal top (maybe even a tiny little bit higher because I had problems with Adrian's behaviour for half that book, while Meg's cutting took up a much smaller portion of the story). What I really want to do is wipe the story from my mind, leaving only the feeling of it being a fantastic book, and go back and read it all over again, so I can experience it for the first time again. This is one of a very small number of books that I have enjoyed that much. God, I hope I can get the next one at the library tomorrow. If I can't I don't know how any other book will compare, or fill the need I have to read another great story.

Jan 08, 2016

Interesting world building and a fun read. I really enjoy Bishop's efforts to explore the frictions and differences between humans and "Others." There are holes in the world building, but they can be ignored for the interesting story and characters. Also enjoyed the next book, "Murder of Crows."

Jun 22, 2015

This book blows me away with how well it portrays the inner life of the vastly diverse characters.

Aug 09, 2014

I really loved this book, it was interesting and fresh feeling. The werewolves are a lot more feral in this novel than in many other similar books which was a refreshing change. I would definitely recommend it to any lovers of urban fantasy or fans of Patricia Briggs and Laurell K Hamilton.

May 05, 2014

This is the first book I've read by this author and I loved it (also loved the second book, Murder of Crows). It's a wonderful new take on the wereanimals and vampire themes. It's dark and isn't afraid to go to tough places, but the thread of humor running through the books keep them from being too heavy. I am very much looking forward to the next book.

Mar 10, 2014

A well-written urban fantasy book. Not as strong as her black jewels series, but full of moments of laughter, quirky characters and tense moments that have sitting on the edge of your seat as you whip through straight to the end. Worth it. Can't wait for the sequel.

Greenspacedragon Feb 12, 2014

Excellent book! There is a second book coming out fairly soon. Fingers crossed that the library orders it!

ezulauf26 Nov 03, 2013

Totally loved this book! It has been quite sometime since I have read anything from Anne Bishop but after reading this it was like falling in love again. I am once again addicted to a world of her her making.

The characters are very deep, descriptive and quirky. The one I am dieing to know more about is Tess. I wonder if she is what I think she is. Can't wait for the next book...

Sep 13, 2013

I loved this book - it's well written, the characters have depth and are interesting, the worldsetting is fascinating and the plot sucked me in.

Sep 05, 2013

I caaaaan't wait!!!

JoanieB Jul 10, 2013

What a fast read! What of those I couldn't put down

Incinerated_Newt Jul 02, 2013

Definitely a fun read. If you like any of Bishops' other books, pick this one up. Two thumbs up!

saatdj Jun 20, 2013

This is another great book by Ann Bishop. It started a little slowly, but then it pick up. I could not put it down and has read it more that 10 times already.
Can't wait to read part two... There will be a part two right?

Jun 19, 2013

I like that the male protagonist is a single father, raising a traumatized youngster. Nicely done.

Jun 11, 2013

I am so happy Anne Bishop finally did an urban fantasy (of sorts)! I absolutely love her Black Jewels Series and she has not disappointed here! Can't wait for the next one!

May 28, 2013

5 Stars! Must Read!

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