Amulet Book 1, The Stonekeeper By Kibuishi, Kazu Book - 2008

Two years after the death of Emily’s father, her, her brother, and her mother move to an old house that has been in their family for decades. During their first night at this mysterious house, Emily founds a necklace that holds great powers that when used correctly, may even be able to turn back time. With this great power comes great consequences, as soon learned by Emily. After reading the first book of the Amulet series, I would personally rate it 3/5. The story starts off nice with an entertaining plot that will capture you, making you want to read the whole book in one go, but since this is the first book of a series with 9 other books, it starts off slow with long explanations due to the introduction of a lot of new characters. This may make you bored, but it may also set up the series to possibly be one of the greatest graphic novel series for young children today.
@Aylos of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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