Amulet Book 2, The Stonekeeper's Curse By Kibuishi, Kazu Book - 2009

In the previous book, Emily’s mother was stabbed by an arachnopod before she was freed. This caused her to enter a coma because she got poisoned, and the antidote can only be found in the city of Kanalis. Once arriving at the city, Emily struggles to maintain full control of the stone, as it wants full control of her, all while she is hunted by Elves during her quest to retrieve the antidote; a fruit from future-telling trees. I would personally rate this book a 4/5. There is a lot of suspense throughout the book about whether or not Emily will give the amulet full control over her to help her defeat the elves that are following her, which could result in deadly consequences to not just the elves, and suspense whether or not Emily will be successful in curing her mother. This all together creates a good book, with fantastic drawings.
@Aylos of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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