9/12 - I've been trying to get started on this book all day and haven't managed to make it past the maps and details about the days of the week. I've had two doctors appointments today and both times the doctor called me early!! Can you believe that?! I was looking forward to reading this and for once in their lifetime (that's doctors as a whole, not this particular doctor) they called me in five minutes early. Twice! I'm going to bed to give this book some uninterrupted reading time. The average rating on GR is so high, plus the fact that I've been starting and stalling this all day, my anticipation is high and I'm expecting really good things from this. Don't disappoint me book. To be continued...


10/12 - This was FANTASTICFANTASTICFANTASTICFANTASTICFANTASTICFANTASTIC, SO BLOODY FANFREAKINGTASTIC . I can't BELIEVE how good this book was. I loved everything about it (well, except for one teensy tiny thing, I didn't like the cutting, but it wasn't glorified so that made it acceptable as part of the story). I loved Meg, and Simon, and Winter, and Sam, and Merri Lee, and Monty (after a worrisome start where I thought he was going to be an evil 'drag her back to her owners by her hair' type of cop), and Vlad, and pretty much everyone, except Asia (but who could love Asia?). I loved the world they lived in, especially the Courtyard. Even with the non-humans living next door the place felt really homey and quaint, and somewhere I could happily fit in. I loved the way Meg won everyone over with her personality and unthinking, uncalculating kindness, before they learned what she really was. I loved that there was no romance between Meg and Simon, because this book would have been way too early in their relationship for that, it would have been rushed. Sam was so cute and I could see a normal human having trouble distinguishing between him and a cute puppy, having trouble treating him like a child despite how he appeared. I loved that Meg wasn't horrified by the occasional naked man/wolf or man/about to be crow that happened to pass by her. I loved the way, due to her unusual education, that Meg knew what a thing was due to flash cards, but not what it did or how to make it do it.

I think this might be the second 'best' book I've read this year. Not second as in behind first, second as in another of equal standing. I recently declared Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead to be my best book of the year, this is now equal top (maybe even a tiny little bit higher because I had problems with Adrian's behaviour for half that book, while Meg's cutting took up a much smaller portion of the story). What I really want to do is wipe the story from my mind, leaving only the feeling of it being a fantastic book, and go back and read it all over again, so I can experience it for the first time again. This is one of a very small number of books that I have enjoyed that much. God, I hope I can get the next one at the library tomorrow. If I can't I don't know how any other book will compare, or fill the need I have to read another great story.

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