-Magic cannot tell the future, but it can throw shadows.
Jonathan: I'm very pleased to see you, Arabella.
Arabella: I thought you were dead. Oh, my love. What happened to you?
Jonathan: I am just a reflection.
Arabella: What?
Jonathan: I'm sorry, I cannot stay long.
Arabella: Why? I don't understand? What...? And where are you?
Jonathan: I'm not entirely sure. I'm not entirely sure I am anywhere.
Wellington: What I chiefly require, sir, is more artillery and more men. Can you make them appear?
Officer: Now, if we were to take the 7th up along the hill...
Wellington: That would take too much time. I'm in a hurry. Where's the magician?
-They believe, with the money they will get for the cannon, they will all be able lo sail back to Naples together in a golden ship. They do not wish to face their mothers and aunts without bringing their relatives back with them. I've heard Italian women are fierce.

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