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The music's all about feeling free. So you don't have to do nothing to be free. === The birds said... we'd love each other forever. Love never fails. === Maybe you need this world. The falsehood, the show. Maybe what stirs your blood is having wild people around you. === It'd be awful to have these good times and not have life itself. === You get used to drifting. Waiting. - They say follow the light. Where do you find it? When you're young, it's not always easy to know what is the light. === The light is so beautiful on your face. You have one part of your face in the shadows and one part in the light. === I was once like you. I didn't know what I know now. To think what I once was... what I am now. === We broke up. I tried to be kind. It only made me colder. === I'm a beast. Still not unhappy about it. I don't seem to bring people happiness anymore. I wasted your love. === I wanna live a good life. === Why is he after you if he's not attracted to you?